Our services include: content development, exhibit design, brand development, and touring services. We cater to brands, museums and shopping malls.

Exhibition designs are created to be flexible, capable of easily fitting into a variety of venue types. To ensure your exhibitions install properly, our design services include site inspections as well as verification of installed exhibition components.



Touring &

Booking and Routing

Leveraging our worldwide network of museum and venue relationships across the world, Millennial Entertainment Group, LLC. offers booking, routing, logistics, and support services to develop a multi-venue exhibition tour. .

Venue Selection

Millennial Entertainment Group applies rigorous venue selection process to assess the commercial viability of each project. Typical factors include: physical specification, area foot traffic and demographics, competitive analysis and historical attendance numbers.


Operations &


Training is provided to the exhibition staff to ensure proper functioning of the exhibition and high quality customer service.


Every exhibition offers significant merchandising opportunities, Millennial Entertainment Group has significant experience in this area and we will work in conjunction with your existing merchandising team to guarantee the fulfillment of your most popular items as well as developing exhibition-specific merchandise that will only be available while the exhibition is in the market.

Design &

Exhibition Development

Services include concept development, research, branding, and space planning. Exhibition layouts are custom designed for each venue to ensure an efficient load-in and integrate local and regional flare.

Production and Content Creation

Exhibition designs are created to be modular and flexible in order to easily fit into a variety of venue types and sizes. Production services include site inspections as well as verification and installation of exhibition components. Content development services include detailed storyboarding, scripts, games, graphics, and media.

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