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Einstein Person of the Century

May 12, 2014

Person Of The Century

The exhibition shows Einstein's journey through life as seen in the context of world history. Interactive games and installations illustrate his theories of physics. The highlights included a virtual bicycle trip and a journey through space and time. It is a chance to examine and experience the work, mind, and life of one of the few universally recognized geniuses. Through numerous installations and videos the exhibition gives a vivid and comprehensive introduction to Einstein's life and his times. An IQ zone that tests adults and kids IQ and provide a score is optional. ...

101 Gadgets That Changed The World

May 11, 2014

101 Gadgets
That Changed The World

This exhibition presents the top 101 gadgets and inventions of the world. Certain turning points in humankind’s history have been defined by the creation or discovery of something profound. From stone tools to the birth of the Internet, driven by necessity and accident we have shaped our own destiny through invention. ...

Ocean Life Wonders Dolphins, Penguins, Whales

May 8, 2014

Ocean Life Wonders
Dolphins, Penguins, Whales

Ocean Wonderland is a family attraction that combines three interactive exhibitions in one. Visitors are amazed and educated about the wonders of the ocean through focused lenses on the origin, life and destiny of the dolphins, penguins and whales... along with a finale zone about the sharks! The experience features stuffed and fiberglass large-size models, interactive exhibits, and videos. ...

Tutankhamun The Treasures Of Egypt Explained

May 6, 2014

The Treasures Of Egypt Explained

A blockbuster exhibition that received millions visitors all around the world. It is a spectacular recreation and an incredible journey through time that transports the visitors into the secrets of ancient Egypt and its pharaohs dynasties. The exhibition evokes the fascination of the bygone exotic empire on the Nile and features many wonderful treasures, including: The Golden Mask of Tutankhamun, his Golden Throne, his mummy, his jewels, etc. This is a must- see for all families and schools. ...

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