About Us

Few Words About Millennial Exhibitions

Millennial Exhibitions is dedicated to the development and touring of high-quality, museum-grade attractions targeted to the modern and connected visitor.

We blend technology, media and entertainment to create meaningful experiences for the visitor. Our attractions are designed to increase footfall, enrich engagement and enhance loyalty to serve the business objectives of the hosting venue.

Our portfolio is divided into 3 categories: Family Attractions, Millennials Special, and Holiday Success. Our portfolio contains 20 exhibitions that range from lifestyle, media and art oriented experiences to family entertainment including blockbuster experiences such as: James Bond Experience, Beauty Culture, Wannabe, Shoe Obsession, Da Vinci Exhibit...


Turnkey Solutions

Millennial exhibitions provides turnkey solutions for installation, hosting and marketing, and support its venue partners with sponsorship consulting and sale. Millennial Exhibitions are designed to integrate seamlessly in retail environments and museums and adapt easily to any existing space size. All exhibitions are suitable for common, open or enclosed areas as stand-alone or as surcharged attractions.


Are you interested in hosting an exhibition? Contact Us.

Benefits of Hosting

  • Strong diferentiation advantage
  • Increased football and dwell time
  • Additional revenues
  • Enhanced customer loyalty
  • Platform for sponsorship opportunities
  • Quality data and analytics

What to Expect

  • All-inclusive, turnkey service
  • Tailored layout and content solutions to your venue
  • Assistance with marketing, PR and promotions
  • Assistance with merchandising and events program
  • Digital Cloud solution
  • Multi-sites solutions

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